Wave Surfing with a Kayak

Sure, you come to come to Costa Rica and want to try Surfing. It's just goes with the territory.  Costa Rica has some of the best waves, especially in Dominical.  So why not try to surf?  But did you ever think to try Kayak Surfing?  On both of our ocean tours (Ventanas Caves and the Whale's Tail Snorkel Tour), we have to go out through the break and ride through the break to get back to shore.  Meaning, we HAVE to surf the wave in with our kayak.  

Don't worry!  We will teach you how to ride the wave in.  It's pretty easy if you listen to what we tell you.  And we would never take you on big waves, so don't worry about that either! Safety first.  The most important thing is to make sure all loose items (sunglasses, water bottles, hats, flip flops, etc.) are secured to your kayak.  So if you happen to flip out, the ocean doesn't get a free gift. 

Once the wave starts picking you up, just LEAN back! Lean back and use your paddle to steer.  And ride the wave all the way to the beach.  Once you get the hang of it, you will want to paddle back out for more!