Snorkeling at the Whale's Tail at Marino Ballena National Park

Take advantage of the snorkel conditions before the rainy season begins! The Whale's Tail reef doesn't always have the best reputation when it comes to snorkeling, but I beg to differ.  We see so many cool things on our Whale's Tail Combo Tour on a regular basis.  Besides the hundreds of different fish species, we see many different types of turtles, different types of eels, conches, lobsters, crabs, sting rays, starfish, and so much more.  The quality of the snorkel session really depends on environmental factors.  You need to get to the reef within 1 hour of low tide to experience the best of it. You need to be at the southern most portion of the reef, which is a bit too far if you were to go on your own from the Whale's Tail.  The waves need to be small because big waves churn up the coastal sediment, making cloudy conditions.  And you need to avoid the rains.  Once the rainy season starts, all the rivers explode out to sea and create super muddy waters that spread along the coast.  Those first two months of rain are not good for coastal snorkeling at the Whale's Tail.  But once that clears, we are back in action in July and August until the heavy rains hit us again in September.  

Besides snorkeling on our Whale's Tail Combo Tour, we ocean kayak, explore the Whale's Tail formation, wave surf with our kayaks and enter into a beautiful mangrove estuary.  You get many different ecosystems and activities in one 1/2 day tour! 

Overall, this is your best option for snorkeling in the area if you don't want to do a full day trip out to La Isla del Caño.  Come give it a shot..... you won't be disappointed!