What's SUP?? SUP is what's up!!!

SUP or Stand Up Paddle boarding is an amazing sport that is a lot easier than you expect.  SUP is a sport that uses almost every muscle in your body (see photo).  SUP is best to learn on flat water (like the mangroves), so you can get your stability, stance, paddle form, and balance on the board before you head out to the ocean.  Once you are confident to take your SUP out to the ocean, then everything you thought you knew will be tested! Ocean Stand Up Paddle board tours require much more balance, because you are dealing with wind, choppiness, waves and unpredictable conditions.  Don't worry...you'll be fine, you will just have to find how to manipulate all your muscles to keep you on the board.  Once you get the hang of things, you can look up from what you are doing and see the amazing views of lush, tropical mountains crashing into the sea, or the beautiful Islands, or sea turtles and dolphins.  If you want to learn how to Stand Up Paddle Board, come with our certified, local, passionate instructors and we will help you know "what's SUP?"