New Locations & Tours

These are some of the other tours we offer in the area.  Las Islas/Playa Arco, Rio Savegre/Matapalo Mangroves, Terreba/Coronado Mangroves, Dominicalito Bay, Rio Uvita/Morete.           

NEW TOUR THIS YEAR:  Las Islas and Playa Arco:  This tour is a great way to explore the bay out to Las Islas Tres Hermanas and then back to Playa Arco to explore the caves on the beach there. The paddle out to the Islands from Playa Piñuealas is about 45 minutes, where we take in the views and even try to do some snorkeling there.  After we rest for a little, we paddle over to one of the most incredible beaches around, Playa Arco.  This beach is only accessible by a long hike or by boat/kayak/SUP. At low tide, there are two tunnel caves on the beach that we can explore.   ($75/person/4-5 hrs long, Level: Intermediate

Rio Savegre/Matapalo Mangroves:
Launching from the Savegre River bridge, we paddle down river until we meet the river mouth and the Matapalo Mangroves. This massive ecosystem weaves for miles until we make our way to Matapalo town. This tour is 6 hours long with a 4 hour paddle. Must be done at high tide and good paddle skills are required. ($80/person, 6 hrs long, Level: Intermediate)

Terreba/Coronado Mangroves (part of the Sierpe Mangrove System):
This is the largest Mangrove system in Central America. This tour is about 45 minutes south and is a much longer paddle, with large currents. ($75/person, 5 hrs long, Level: Intermediate)

Dominicalito Bay (La Isla Parcela and Rocas de Amancio):
This bay is 3 kilometers south of Dominical and is a great option if you want to get out into the ocean without having to deal with the crazy waves of Dominical. ($60/person, 3 hrs long, Level: All)

Rio Uvita/Morete:
This river is spectacular, full of wildlife and beauty and fantastic views. Unfortunately, we can’t offer it all the time because it depends on how the river mouth builds up every year. If it builds a wall, there is enough water for us to explore both rivers. ($65/person, 4 hrs long, Level: All)

Week Long SUP/Paddle Camp:
This is a great way to explore Costa Rica, while paddling at least once a day! Includes transport to/from San Jose, Lodging, Lunch, 1-2 paddles a day, 1 surf lesson, and 1 tour of your choice (Zipline, Waterfall Gorge Jumping, or Horseback to Waterfall)

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