Why Mangroves are important to the health of the planet

Mangroves are incredible trees the create amazing ecosystems.  They are vital to the health of the ocean, the protection of the land and salvation of our atmosphere.  Mangroves are the kidneys of the ocean, filtering out the pollution and run off of rivers and stopping that from going out to sea.  If the rivers just ran straight out to sea in tropical zones, there would be increased algae formation and bacteria buildup.  Mangroves also create protection from erosion.  They are wave buffers and land protectors.  They are also nurseries to an endless supply of ocean life.  Lots of sea life come into the mangroves to grow up and hide out in the magical root systems. Once they are old enough, they swim out to vast waters of the sea.  One of the coolest things about the Mangroves is their capacity to store carbon, helping our fragile atmosphere breathe easier.  These trees grow on top of each other in very fine, compact, low oxygen soil. So, if you cut down a mangrove forest, you are allowing all of this harmful carbon to escape into the atmosphere.  We are trying to erase our carbon footprint here in Costa Rica, so luckily (most of the time) the mangroves are protected. 

If you want to come explore this important ecosystem with us, just let us know.  We have tours going daily to the Mangroves.  Not only will you learn about this incredible place, but you will see the amazing wildlife that thrives in the mangroves and you will be able to get out and breathe fresh air and relax in it's beauty.