• OCEAN TOUR Duration: 4 hours door to door 
  • $75 per person - 2 person minimum
  • Tour departure time is based off the LOW tide
  • LEVEL - Intermediate -Advanced ** (Not available by SUP)
  • Ocean Kayaking, Caves, Wave Surfing, Adrenaline

If you are down for this memorable challenge, you will get the opportunity to paddle on the turquoise waters to check the amazing cave and arch formations that appears along the lush, mountainous coastline of Ventanas Beach. Our guides will teach you about the different names of the caves and stories behind the names.  We will also pass down different legends of this coastline, including the skull that protects the coastline and the hidden treasure where X marks the spot!  We also explore the two walking caves on Ventanas Beach and do a little wave surfing with our kayaks! This tour is for people who want high-adrenaline and are not afraid to get a good workout to see something spectacular. 
THIS TOUR IS VERY AFFECTED BY THE WAVES! If there is a swell, we cannot do the tour.  We take your safety seriously and want you to enjoy yourselves!  So, We will be in touch with you if the waves are too big to do the tour.  Also, this tour gets definitely tougher during the rainy season.  It is situated just north of the largest river in Costa Rica, the Terreba River,  So, During the heavy rainy season, the current of the river will definitely challenge your arm muscles.  If you are still up for the challenge and the wave conditions are right, we can do this tour.  

CHANCE TO SEE: Sea Turtles, Pelicans, Frigatebirds, Shore Birds, Toucans, Monkeys, and on the very rare occasions, we have seen dolphins and whales.  

: This is an INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED KAYAKING TOUR!  Please, you MUST know how to swim, NO children under AGE 15, nobody over 230 lbs, no pregnant women, must be in good physical condition and be ready to paddle hard! You never know what kind of conditions you will get out on the open ocean, so please come ready for the challenge! 

WHAT TO BRING:  Hat, Bathing Suit, Sunscreen, Sun Protection like a Long Sleeve Rash Guard, Sandals or flip flops, Croakies for Rx Glasses, Dramamine, Water Bottle, Towel, and Waterproof Camera

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Bilingual/Certified Local guides, ICT Certified company, Full Insurance, Use of equipment, use of accessories (dry bags, binoculars, bug spray, sun block, hats, etc), fruit, water, photos, secure parking, park entrance fees.