Our Kayaks have #History

These kayaks have #history. We have 11 @oceankayaks Frenzys and 2 Ocean Kayak Scamblers.  We also have a few others of brands that I'm not going to mention because they just aren't the same.  In total, we have 15 singles and 3 doubles (and are in the process of buying a few more doubles).   Most of the Ocean Kayaks are from the one and only original #KayakJoe. He was the original owner about 20 years ago. Kayak Joe was the pioneer of kayaking through the Ventanas Caves. He would take friends out through the caves, in any weather and wave 🌊condition and usually on mind altering, psychedelic mushrooms. 🍄 Imagine that!

After his unfortunate passing, his friend, Paul Dorr @crres_dominical inherited the #kayaks. We bought the fleet from Paul and have been using them since 2007. We use these super sturdy, super stable kayaks every day, sometimes twice a day, in all sorts of conditions (waves, salt, wind, rocks, brackish waters, roots, rain, etc). And every day, we wash them throughly and store them away. I can only say wonderful things about these Ocean Kayaks, they have lasted 20+ years and continue lasting for us to be able to show you these cool places, including Ventanas Caves.