Costa Rica for the Holidays

Have you been thinking about coming to Costa Rica for the Holidays this year?  It's not a bad place to spend the holidays and end of the year, that's for sure!  Especially in Dominical where the  town is filled with lots of tourists and nationals, enjoying the beach, soaking up the sun and taking tours.  

One Costa Rican tradition during the Christmas season is to make Tamales.  They are made in banana leaves and enjoyed for breakfast or in the afternoon with a cafe con leche.  Ticos also like to come with their whole family to the beach and set up tents and barbecues and enjoy their days off.  If you plan on going to the beach during the two weeks of Christmas and New Years, make sure you come early so you can find a spot!  

The best part of the holidays is New Years Eve, where people set off fireworks and dance in the light of a bonfire until 2016 becomes 2017.  If you want to come down for the holiday season, a suggestion would be to hurry up and make your reservations now, because the tours are filling up fast!  HoHoHo!