Why the rainy season is the best time to visit Costa Rica

When you start doing research for Costa Rica, you will soon find out that the rainy season is worse during the months of September and October with rain pretty much every day. Right then and there, you might decide not to come to Costa Rica during those months.  But I would like to share my opinion of why the rainy season is the best time to come! 

1. Cooler temperatures.  During this time of the year, I can wear my hair down, wear jeans, shirts with sleeves.  The mornings are glorious and it's even a little "Chilly" at night!  Temperatures are around 70-85 in the the Dominical area.  Also, the dirt road in Dominical is basically DUST FREE.  Maybe a little muddy, but NO dust.  During the high season (January - April), the weather is SO hot (80-100), there's no way in H-E Double two sticks that I would wear my hair down.  

2. A LOT Less People.  If you are looking for an uncrowded beach, small tour groups, empty buses and roads, fast service at restaurants, this is the time of the year for you.  Many people get scared of a little rain and decide to stay home.  But if you come now, you'll have first picks on surf board rentals, have an entire beach to yourself, and maybe even your own private tour! 

3. "Green Season" discounts.  Many businesses offer discounts during this time of the year.  It doesn't hurt to ask if your hotel, tour company, car rental can offer you some sort of discount.  It's so slow at this time of the year that they will most likely say yes.  

4. Wildlife galore.  Mind you there is pretty much always wildlife throughout the year here, but it's even more active during the rainy season.  Not to mention a lot of migratory birds are passing through.  Here's an example.  During the dry season, we may see 1-2 sloths on a mangrove kayak tour.  Yesterday on our mangrove kayak tour, we saw 8.  EIGHT.  8 SLOTHS.  Seriously. 

5. Great waves/Whales/Rafting. These are other positives of this time of year.  If you like to surf, you are most likely to have a swell with decent sized waves at this time of the year.  The whales have already been discussed in my previous blog, but yes, they are STILL seeing whales.  And Not just Humpbacks, but also Pilots, Bryde's Whales and False Killer Whales.  And Rafting, well it's out  of control right now.  If you are looking for class 4-5, this is the time to go, with the rivers raging.  

These are just some of the reasons why I love this time of the year.  There are probably a hundred more reasons, but I'll stop here and let you come visit Dominical and see for yourself. 

If you have any questions or comments, please write me at pineappletourscr@gmail.com.  Pura Vida!