Las Islas Tres Hermanas and Ballena as an alternate tour option

We have our four main tours that we offer by kayak and stand up paddle board.  We go to the mangroves, the rio Baru, the Whale's Tail at Marino Ballena National Park and to Ventanas Caves (kayak only).  But we also offer a bunch of other options, for people who want something different or have done all of our other tours.  One of my favorites is our trip out to Las Islas Tres Hermanas (Three Sisters) and Isla Ballena (Whale Island).  It's on the ocean, so if you haven't Stand Up Paddle boarded before, then it's best to go by kayak.  It is definitely an intermediate paddle by kayak or by SUP.  We launch from the mellow waves of the southern most tip of Marino Ballena National Park at Piñuelas Beach.  We paddle out for about 40 minutes to Las Islas Tres Hermanas.  Depending on the conditions and swells of the day, we can try to snorkel at the islands.  We paddle around the islands, checking the views and the coastal birds that live on the island.  If you have more paddle strength left, we will head over to La Isla Ballena, the majestic island about 30 minutes paddle farther.  At Ballena Island, we can snorkel again or just take in the amazing views from all around.  There is something so special about being out on the turquoise waters, taking in the views of the lush, jungle mountains crashing into the sea, breathing the fresh and salty air.  If you want to try this tour out, just let us know and we will arrange it for you! 

Price $75 per person *  Level Intermediate (SUP - Experienced please!) * Duration: 4-5 hours