Ventanas Caves - the legends and stories behind the caves

Our tour to explore the southern coastline of Marino Ballena National Park will show you many different types of caves; some up to 40 feet high and 30 feet in length, some so small that in only the flattest conditions can we pass through in kayak, some with teeth (stalactites), two natural bridges, an elephant rock and the protective and ever angry skull head where the X marked the spot. 

The main cave which is the biggest cave along the coast is the Cathedral.  It is just south of Ventanas Beach and the easiest to get to and get through.  There are actually two exits out of this cave. 

If you continue south, you will reach Tortuga Cave, one that is super long and fun to go through, but is very affected by the current of the largest river in Costa Rica, the Terreba River. 

If you head north along the coastline, you will find my favorite cave, the Monster's Mouth, which has "teeth" or stalactites hanging from the entrance. 

There are also two natural bridges that you can get out and climb on if you have the courage. 

My favorite on the northern side is Elephant Rock, which totally looks like an elephant bathing in the waves.  You have to see it to believe it.  Also, one of the bridges that I told you about before, looks like two baby elephants touching noses!

The one cave with the most impressive story is the skull cave. The Indians used the spirit of the skull to protect their land. It has an entrance and exit and if you look between the two holes, you'll see what looks like eyes, nose and a mouth. But between the "eye" is a missing hole or third eye, where legend has it, was the hidden treasure of a giant "diamond"   Captain Bryce used the Skull Cave on his map for the hidden treasure.  They say that Pirates searched this coastline for years and years and finally found the giant diamond third eye of the skull cave and stole it.  And now, the skull is angry.  To get through this cave, you need to be prepared for the wrath of the skull and definitely be an advanced paddler. 

We hope you will come try this awesome, adventure filled tour with us.  The best months to go are December - April, when the wave swells are down and the water is clear and calm.   Please check out more photos in our photo gallery.